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By joining the member agrees that he/she has read and understand the following rules:

1. Xtreme does not warrant any function and feature and does not give a guarantee that the service is full available or free of interruptions/errors!
XtremeSurf is not liable for any damages or losses (i.e. Credits, Affiliate Commissions, Referrals,...)! The member agrees to use XtremeSurf at his/her own risk!

With signing up you agree to receive newsletters and notifications from XtremeSurf.

It is not allowed to have more than 1 account per person! If we find you cheating all accounts will be terminated! Using emails with activated autoresponders is not allowed!

2. The member will not use XtremeSurf to advertise sites with following content:
Pornographic content
Discriminating content
Racist content

Also its forbidden to advertise websites which:
launch JavaScript alerts and/or popups which requires the surfer to enter informations before surfing on
contain zero- or mini-sized iframes
do searches in the background
automatically download files
freeze the browser or force the surfbar to stop
do not have a mute/stop button if there is music/video on it
remove or change frames
rotators are not allowed.

3. The member will not send any SPAM via our internal messaging system.

4. The member will not sell any credits to other members.

5. Any kind of cheating (such as automated clicks, using webfilters, ...) will result in termination of the account. All balances (cash, credits, ...) will be forfeited!

6. All sales are final! No refunds will be issued for sales made through XtremeSurf!!

7. Please read below to understand our site!

How does cash out work:
Member's gets paid 10% daily of your total upgrade and 1% weekly of your surfing. If one week you don't make $1 it follows over to the next until you make $1 in cash outs. The more you buy from your processor the more you make daily for life of your upgrade. All paid upgrades stay on account and earn for 90 Days.

XtremeSurf reserves the right to block, terminate or refuse the membership of a member caught by violating this TOS! XtremeSurf reserves the right to modify this TOS anytime! XtremeSurf will send a newsletter to all members.


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